Historical Perspective

Thinking and Planning

In 1963, when 10 batches of students had graduated out of Fatima Jinnah Medical College, the college had been internationally recognised and its foundation had become invincible. At that time, Dr. Basharat Yousaf, Dr. Qamar Khan and Dr. Rose Madan gave the idea of formation of an Old Students' Association.

Formation of AFJOG

On 28 December 1983, at a historical tea party at Dr. Akhtar Malik's house, Dr. Munawar presented the idea of having a FJMC Old Students' Association. Dr. Nabiha Hassan approved the idea and declared wholeheartedly, "CONSIDER IT DONE!".

In April 1984, Prof. Dr Nabiha Hassan finally gathered a group of dedicated, hard core, like-minded, willing and energetic people to raise funds and to explore all avenues to make this venture a success. A constitution was drafted and membership began in real earnest. The initial period of enthusiasm involved other old graduates from FJMC and a hectic but especially fruitful effort was launched to enroll members especially life long members. A grand General Body Meeting was held and members from all provinces attended it. So the history of AFJOG is all about an idea floated over a cup of tea. The idea that captured the imagination of Prof. Dr Nabiha Hassan is a reality today.

AFJOG remains today, a socio-medically aware body which  knows its obligations to medicine and society, which has fufilled all hopes and dreams of its founder and will continue to be a source of honour and pride for all those who firmly believe in its purpose and its multifaceted programme to benefit mankind.

Let us salute the members of AFJOG, the past, the present and the future and distinguish them as they deserve to be:

Out of vision and dreams, realities emerge,
Your ideas should be lofty, your vision far-reaching,
Dedication and hard work, achieves any goal,
If your heart and intentions are pure, then Allah helps you for sure.